Feng Ni Tian Xia

  • Author(s): Lu Fei
  • Last updated: December 28, 2020
  • Released: 2015

Feng Ni Tian Xia, which translated in English means Phoenix against the world. The manhua is written by Lu Fei. The story is based on Feng Ni Tian Xia Novel.

Feng Ni Tian Xia Manhua Storyline:

The story of the manhua centres the character of a female assassin combined with the genres of martial arts, fantasy, romance along with historical themes, which makes for one intriguing read. The story is perfect for all manga lovers but has a special attraction for the female readership because of the shoujo genre and the presence of a strong female lead.

The skilful female assassin in the story goes by the name of Huang Bei Yue. She is strong, fierce and smart. In one of her adventures, she encounters a mysterious jade known as the boundless beast. The jade, for some reason, transports the deadly assassin to another realm.

As Feng Ni Tian Xia Manhua progresses, when Huang Bei opens her eyes, she finds out that her soul now resides in a body of twelve year old girl in a world unknown to her. To make matters worse, the 12 year old girl is also the sister of a king and lives in the constant fear as she is relentlessly bullied.

Once a deadly assassin, Huang Bei was now stuck in the body of a helpless girl. But that did not stop her from wanting to seek revenge and avenge her misfortune. 

Feng Ni Tian Xia
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