First Rate Master

  • Author(s): Tao le si
  • Last updated: July 29, 2019
  • Released: 2018

First Rate Master is an ongoing manhua written by Tao Le Si. The manga was first released in February 2019 and has since been having new chapters which grew the story and the plot more interesting and complex. Having various genres like  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Martial arts and Shounen, this is one of the best emerging manhua we have seen in recent times.

Duan Yun (From First Rate Master Manga) looks like a normal person at first, but he possesses something that makes him almost invincible: his kung fu skills. He travels to distant places, sometimes miles and miles away, to use his kung fu skills for wiping out the bad in the world, making it a btter palce.

After doing what does at sn island in the Pacific Ocean, he returns back to the city of Hua Xia. There, he looks forward to taking some rest and tries to find a job as a chef. When he finds one restaurant to apply in, he sees something fishy there in First Rate Master.

He sees Li Shu, the girl of restaurant, being assaulted by a gang in broad daylight outside the restaurant. He rushes to the location and saves her from the scumbags. Lin Shu, full of gratitude, later decides to let Duan Yun stay at her place.

But later the gang comes up with a bigger crew, looking for Duan Yun. This catches the attention of a hot police officer, who rushes to the location to comprehend the gang members. But what she sees is Duan Yun standing tall against all bruised up gang members. How will Duan Yun (in First Rate Master Mangazuki) confess about his abilities to the police and how will this shape his life in the future?

First Rate Master
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