Lust Geass

  • Author(s): TAKAHASHI Osamu
  • Last updated: December 12, 2022
  • Released: 2018

Lust Geass is a manga written and illustrated by Takahashi Osamu. The manga can be classified as Ecchi or smut and its main genre are romance and comedy. Lust Geass features a boy named Takatsuki Souta who is in love with his childhood friend, Amanome Rikka, but his parents have raised them both to be like siblings.

However, he soon finds himself a kind of spell called the Lust Geass that will turn him into irresistible. He finds himself surrounded by hundreds of women who want to bed him in Lust Geass Manga.

However, he only wishes to win the heart of his own true love and hence he goes through the cycle of being with a number of different girls before finding himself with the right one.

Lust Geass
Chapter name Uploaded Time
Lust Geass 7 2019-07-11
Lust Geass 6 2019-07-11
Lust Geass 5 2019-04-02
Lust Geass 4 2019-04-02
Lust Geass 3 2019-04-02
Lust Geass 2 2019-04-02
Lust Geass 1 2019-04-02