My Girlfriend is a Villain

  • Author(s): 七号电池\汐墨\星空社
  • Last updated: January 25, 2021

This manga “My Girlfriend is a Villain”, is a fantastic blend of action and comedy. It is centered on a boy named Zhang Nan who is a member of the Fu Long Clan; a very famous and prestigious family of japan. Zahng just wants a normal life but his family name follows him wherever he goes, crushing this dream of his in every single step of his life.

Zhang Nan’s grandfather and also the current head of the family decides that it’s time for the heir of the family to join a school. Zahng has no choice and has to agree with his grandfather. On the first day of school, zahng leaves for school enthusiastically as he marks this as the beginning of his normal life but his life is anything but normal.

On his arrival, the school explodes and due to some unfortunate accident, he is placed in an all-girls class. He still tries to push through the school but his motivation soon shatters as the girls of the class have all decided to to make his life a living hell. He becomes so annoyed that after a few days he starts to consider leaving his school.

My Girlfriend is a Villain
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