Scapegoat Relationship

  • Author(s): 猫仆工作室
  • Last updated: January 10, 2022
  • Released: 1641909731
To He Yang, Shen Xiu Zhu is a cinnabar mole, his savior, and the white moonlight in his heart. Xu Cheng Yan, who has been in love with him for five years, is like an insignificant mosquito blood stain, like a substitute meal in the place of Shen Xiu Zhu, a replacement to fill the emptiness of his body. Then Xu Cheng Yan died in an accident, and He Yang waited, only to be met with a cold corpse. Realizing that the past five years together was too short, he wanted to turn back time, but desire didn’t help.
Scapegoat Relationship
Chapter name Uploaded Time
Chapter 2 2022-01-10
Chapter 1 2022-01-10
Chapter 0 2022-01-10