Springtime for Blossom

  • Author(s): Gang-hyeon YEO,JQ
  • Last updated: March 25, 2020
  • Released: 2019

Springtime for blossom is a romantic comedy set in the modern-day world. This story stars a boy named Matthew, Mathew is a normal boy who just wants a girlfriend. He thinks that all the girls go to the guys one level above him. One day, the prettiest girl in the whole school comes up to him, she asks him if he lives alone and if she could live with him. Matthew is shocked and super excited.

He starts making up random stories in his head about the reasons why a girl of her status would want to talk to a guy like him. At last he reaches a conclusion, he decides that the only reason she would want to live with him is if she was in love with him. That day blossom arrives at Matthews house, she tells him that she ran away from home because her father wanted her to study harder. She doesn’t express any signs that she is in love with Matthew and lives there as if it were her own place.

At one point she asks Matthew if he gets mad because of how she behaves, to which Matthew replies” not at all”. She then takes a bath, Matthew thinks of this as a signal from her that she wants him. Several random events later she still dosen’t tell Matthew anything that would tell him that Matthew still thinks there is more to her than what she portrays.

Springtime for Blossom
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