Tendou-Ke Monogatari

  • Author(s): SAITOU Ken
  • Last updated: January 30, 2021
Tendou-Ke Monogatari:

A girl saves Houjou family’s third daughter from drowning herself. The girl takes her place as Houjou Ran who shall become the Tendou family’s bride but her deceit is seen through..?

Tendou-Ke Monogatari
Chapter name Uploaded Time
Vol.06 Ch.027 2020-05-25
Vol.06 Ch.026 2020-05-25
Vol.06 Ch.025 2020-05-25
Vol.06 Ch.024 2020-05-25
Vol.06 Ch.023 2020-05-25
Vol.06 Ch.022 2020-05-25
Vol.05 Ch.021 2020-05-25
Vol.05 Ch.020 2020-05-25
Vol.02 Ch.006 2020-05-25
Vol.01 Ch.004.5 2020-05-25
Vol.01 Ch.004 2020-05-25
Vol.01 Ch.003 2020-05-25
Vol.01 Ch.002 2020-05-25
Vol.01 Ch.001 2020-05-25